Friday, September 2, 2011

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Avoid the movie theater if you are looking to see a new release because it seems that Hollywood has laid a big, steamy turd on the movie-going public this weekend. This weekend's crop of movies is full of crap and films I have heard nothing about, so here are your choices of new releases (that I've heard about).

Shark Night 3D- Another 3D stinker. I thought that Hollywood has received the hint about 3D by now. This movie is strictly here because of 'Piranha 3D.' I could write a better script and I would only charge half of what the writers of 'Shark Night 3D' got paid.

Apollo 18- This movie is getting terrible reviews on Rotten Tomatoes including my favorite from New York Daily News reviewer, Joe Neumaier; "no thrills, no chills, no scares and contains a villain, or several of them, actually, that will turn you to stone- from boredom."

A Good Old Fashioned Orgy- This film is being panned by critics. Apparently nobody likes Jason Sudeikis as a leading man. This film has a decent premise, but a lazy script has doomed this movie to fail. I don't see it lasting in theaters for very long.

If these movies don't entice you, I am releasing a special weekend edition of "What to Watch Tonight" later in the day to make up for my lack of posts this week.

(via Rotten Tomatoes)

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