Thursday, August 4, 2011

From the Set- The Hobbit

Where have I been? This is the third of these behind the scene video blogs and they are wonderful. I suppose if you are not a LOTR fan than you wouldn't be interested, but as a fan I thoroughly enjoyed it. This edition goes behind the scenes with the 13 dwarves of the film. Peter Jackson, Andy Serkis, Ian McKellan, and John Rhys-Davies all make appearances in this video. Give it a look. I can't explain all of the greatness oozing from this video, so you better see it with your own eyes.

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Alec Baldwin Sets SNL Record

Alec Baldwin is set to host the 37th season premiere of Saturday Night Live on September 24. This will be Baldwin's 16th time hosting Saturday Night Live and that is okay with me. Even when yelling at his daughter, Baldwin is still charming as hell. I could watch him turn grapes into raisins and still find it interesting. He will probably pander with some of his famous characters, but what else do you expect from SNL. I just hope there is a good 'Digital Short.'

First Superman Reboot Photo

Henry Cavill stars as Superman in the 2013 release of "Man of Steel." The first photo of the new costume was revealed today. This was about as uneventful as it gets. Anyone with decent Photoshop skills could have made this. I guess the biggest piece of news is that Superman is no longer sporting his iconic Underoos. What do you think?

What to Watch Tonight- Get Out of the House

If today seems really familiar, get over it. It is the summer and I am not working with much. Go see a movie, watch some sports, or go out to dinner. Do whatever you want, I am not the boss of you. If you choose to watch television tonight here are the highlights of what is on tonight.

Wipeout (ABC)- I have written about 'Wipeout' almost every time. It is great and never lets me down. I promise that if you are a red-blooded American, you will love this.

Big Brother (CBS)- Tonight we find out who goes home. In case you aren't caught up; Daniele is the 'Head of Household', Brendon and Jordan are on the block, and everyone has to decide who to send home. This episode is really a set up for next week (according to me).

Shark City (Discovery)- Scientist study sharks. This is everything on "Shark Week." The saving grace of this particular show is that Andy Samberg will be giving some insights on what is happening.

Netflix: Shutter Island- This is my favorite Leonardo DiCaprio movie of 2010. Seriously, how did "Inception," get so much more buzz? A Scorsese film about a U.S. Marshall investigating a disappearance of a criminally insane patient. Also staring Mark Ruffalo and Ben Kingsley, this film had me thinking after the movie much more than "Inception." Go watch this.

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What to Watch Tonight- Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

I guaranteed a post earlier today and have I delivered. Well, I did post earlier, but I can't touch on the quality. You be the judge. 

Big Brother (CBS)- I didn't used to be a fan of this show, but I was sucked in last year. This season is half all stars and half new players. It is the show that I love to hate. I am rooting for soft hearted, rocker Adam. 

Storage Wars (A&E)- This show is a guilty pleasure. I love to hate on Dave and Barry is an affable rich guy. I don't care what they are buying and subsequently lying about how much they'll get for it, I still enjoy this show.

Monty Python's Life of Brian (IFC)- A classic Monty Python movie. I still remember my dad introducing me to Monty Python when I was a wee-lad. I hope my children will be as accepting to the Brit-humour as I was.

Man v. Food Nation (Travel)- I guess Adam Richman's doctor told him to lay off the food. I haven't caught very much of "Food Nation," but I guess Richman has convinced locals to eat in his place for a free t-shirt. I am glad Richman is no longer competing. I feel like he would lose the easiest of challenges. I mean for God's sake, he had two bites left on his first omelet challenge. What a joke.

Netflix: Dead Alive- This Peter Jackson film from 1992 is a cult classic. Take some time to enjoy this over-the-top splatterfest including such classic scenes as the lawnmower weaponization. At the very least go youtube that scene.

That is it for today. Let me know if I should be watching something else.

A- Rod's Underground Fight/ Poker Club

According to my sources (ESPN in case you didn't know) Alex Rodriguez if facing suspension from his involvement in illegal, underground poker games including one that turned violent.
The allegations, first published by, are that the New York Yankees third baseman played in at least two of the games, one of which took place at the Beverly Hills mansion of a record executive at which "cocaine was openly used and a fight nearly broke out when one of the players refused to pay after losing "more than a half-million dollars."T
This is one of several infractions Rodriguez is facing. I hope he just fades away into obscurity. He has never lived up to the "Superman" of baseball that he was hyped to be (and paid for). I do not see why he keeps getting chances when he is underwhelming at best. He is a Yankee, not an Astro.

I am just glad football camps have started back up because this will distract ESPN for 24/7 coverage of this. I just figured I would tell my loyal followers about this, so they have some water cooler ammo.

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Shark Week Drinking Game

I have seen this around the Internet since Monday, but it keeps getting pushed around so I may as well post it. I still stick to my tiredness of "Shark Week", but at least this can keep someone entertained.

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Enjoy This GIF

Today has been a slow day, but to pass the time here is a GIF of Chris Farley from 'Tommy Boy.' I could stare at this all day long. Prepare to be mesmerized.

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What to Watch Tonight- Killer Wipeouts

Another day of 'What to Watch Tonight.' I am sorry it took me so long to write this. I promise I will do it earlier tomorrow.

Wipeout (ABC)- I still stand by this show. It is one of the most entertaining and funny shows of the summer. It is great to see Americans make fools of themselves for money.

Take the Money and Run (ABC)- This show seems pretty easy for me. I would hide it somewhere truly illegal, like a dogfighting ring. I doubt anyone would look there. Another potential hiding spot: the trunk of the detective's car. I wonder if this show will last.

Billy the Exterminator (A&E)- I can't pin down this show. How is it still on the air? It looks like Criss Angel had a love child with Sebastian Bach. This is the type of show that I watch when I have nothing to do on a Saturday afternoon.

Killer Sharks (Discovery)- This is about shark attacks from fifty years ago, yet it is still somehow relevant? I am done with the Discovery Channel. Go watch "Mob Week" on AMC.

Netflix- Operation: Endgame- This stars Rob Corddry, Ellen Barkin, Zach Galifianakis, Adam Scott, Ving Rhames, and Jeffrey Tambor among others. It is an action-comedy centered around secret government agents. Two groups of agents are pitted against each other in a fight to the death. It is a pretty interesting movie that had a limited release. Catch it on Netflix if nothing else interests you.

Game of Thrones Special Effects

As a huge fan of both the HBO series "Game of Thrones" and the G.R.R. Martin series of books, A Song of Ice and Fire, I am stoked when anything relating to either comes out. The following video was brought to my attention today and it doesn't disappoint. It shows how some of the special effects were created while set to the tune of the series theme song. Enjoy.

A video like this makes me wish I spent five years in college learning special effects, but knowing me I would end up producing something along the quality of "Birdemic." I am not going to list the comments here, but there are a few good ones if you are so inclined.

Charlie Sheen has been killed... at CBS

The premiere of the season nine two-parter, "Two and a Half Men" will feature the funeral of Charlie Sheen's character 'Charlie Harper.' We (as in you, not me. I do not watch this abomination of a show.) will see Harper's funeral as well as the sale of his house. Many other CBS "stars" will make guest appearances. (An apparent Chuck Lorre, "F*ck you," to Sheen).

Charlie Sheen's character Charlie Harper is indeed dead and the season premiere will feature his funeral. Charlie's girlfriends will come back for the occasion, and his house indeed will be put on the market. The episode will feature potential buyers coming to see the house (as I reported earlier, the list is expected to include real-life celebrities and stars from Men co-creator Chuck Lorre's other series), with Ashton Kutcher among them.
This probably won't last more than the ninth season. The kid in the show has outgrown his cuteness and so has Jon Cryer. Kutcher will get tired of the schedule and Lorre will focus on his other successful CBS shows. You heard it here first.

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Sports News of the Day- Moss Retires

Randy Moss has decided to call it quits, but something tells me (and pretty much anyone with a brain) that he will be back. It is just a matter of time or money before Moss decides to call retirement quits and head back to football.

Randy Moss has been a favorite of fantasy football players and Madden gamers for years, but his antics have plagued every team he has ever been with. He was being a superstar diva before it was mainstream. His whole gig of being "more important than the team" is tried and true and some NFL team will realize this when they have a thin receiving core.

Moss will go where the money is. He is young enough to still bring in a hefty pay day, but old enough to not be locked in for years. Who knows? Maybe your favorite NFL team will be lucky enough to pick up Moss from his retirement with Brett Favre.

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Monday, August 1, 2011

What to Watch Tonight- Shark Week!

Today in "What to Watch Tonight," I will be watching Netflix probably. I am not excited about anything on tonight. Is it fall yet?

The Bachelorette- Season finale. I haven't watched this show, ever. I don't know anything about this season, but my guess is someone makes false promises and the relationship won't last. Sounds about right.

Hell's Kitchen- "13 chefs compete." That is literally all I know about this show, but whatever floats your boat.

Shark Week: Rogue Sharks- SHARK WEEK! Seriously this happens once a year... I am over it. It seems to be the same thing every year. It's hard to get fired up for ten new programs, tops. The rest of 'Shark Week' is cluttered with reruns. This year's 'Shark Week' is hosted by Andy Samberg, but I will wait until the best of his hosting ends up on the Internet, then I will post those clips here.

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations-  Anthony visits one of the most innovative restaurants in the world, El Bulli. I will put this on my dvr and watch it later. The problem with this episode it timing. El Bulli closed two days ago and will be reopened in 2014 as a "creativity center." Good try, Travel Channel.

Netflix- From Dusk til Dawn. This classic Tarantino movie staring George Clooney shows how excellent visual effects without cgi can be in the 90's. This is a study in classic movie makeup and the beauty of George Clooney. Clooney plays one half of a pair of bank robbers who hide out a, unbeknown to them, vampire bar in Mexico. One wrong move and Clooney is fighting off the vampires with Juliette Lewis and Harvey Keitel.

That's it for tonight. Let me know what I missed.

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The Dark Knight fights in broad daylight

Next year seems to be a big year for fanboys with The Dark Knight Rises and Battleship (just kidding. Seriously can anyone be excited for that?) Anything associated with The Dark Knight Rises will gain a huge buzz around movie blogs and websites, so I guess I will have to cover it. I am not going to lie, I am excited to see Tom Hardy's take on the character Bane. I think Hardy was great in Bronson (Netflix it) and I can see why Nolan chose him to be in The Dark Knight Rises.

More after the jump...

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It's Always Fatty in Philadelphia

I first heard about 'Fat Mac' a few months ago and I just recently came upon the new promo for this season's "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It is centered around Rob McElhenney's weight gain of fifty pounds for the character Mac. Apparently there is nothing more to this than McElhenney thinking it would be funny.

As one of my favorite shows, I don't see a need for this to happen. I don't discourage it though. Fat jokes tend to be funny as long as they are not too abusive (as seen on "King of Queens" for nine seasons. Seriously, Leah Remini's character was down right brutal.) I look forward to 'the gang's' take on 'fat mac'.

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Highlights of Women's Moto X Enduro

I can't believe that the X Games would post this on their Youtube account, let alone leave this event in the broadcast. Not a single one of these riders seems to be a professional. It looks like the same quality of riders that you see at the local motocross competition for 6 year olds. This is embarrassing just to watch.

The best part of the video is the comments on Youtube. Head over there to find a few laughs. You will not be disappointed with the all of the sexism going on over there. Here is one of the top comments:

This is a very strange looking kitchen.
akonvict 2 hours ago 235  
You're welcome

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Winners of the Weekend Box Office Race

This past weekend was a very interesting one. I suppose I was right in my prediction of Cowboys and Aliens winning the weekend and The Smurfs being a cash cow, but I did not know it would come to this. With an estimated lower budget and less theaters for screening, The Smurfs tied with Cowboys and Aliens to win the weekend. This does not surprise me, but I still am a little disappointed with Cowboys and Aliens.

The rest of the results are listed below. No surprises there as Harry Potter and Captain America round out the top four.


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