Monday, July 25, 2011

Beginnings of the End

So, I have recently embarked into an all out assault on the world of technology. Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, blogger, nowhere is safe. My intentions for starting this blog was to simply post random thoughts of mine. I was not successful in this task, considering my first post (now since removed) was almost three years ago.

Today, I relaunch this website as a place to find secondhand news and information about all thing entertainment.  Do you want to know about the best television show that debuted on Fox in the 1998-1999 season? I am your man. Do you crave to hear the latest song to hit the oldies station? I'm there for you babe! I think you get my drift.

I enjoy posting, but it is not my full time job. I will keep to this as diligently as I can, but remember the theme of this blog before you complain. On the thought of complaints, let me hear them. Let me know when I am doing well. Tell your friends either way.
I hope we can grow together- Jake

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