Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ocho to Patriots?

Breaking news from ESPN: Sources (ESPN again with their mythical sources) report that Chad Ochocinco has been traded to the Patriots for a couple of draft picks. My own sources (Ochocinco's Facebook profile) can confirm these reports.

This is good news for everyone involved. Ochocinco gets to go to a team who will be a favorite to win it all this year, Cincinnati gets rid of what turned out to be an entertaining disappointment (individuals can't win championships), and the Patriots get a pro-bowl receiver on the same day they get one of the best defensive linemen (when in shape).

I am interested to see what happens with Ochocinco's number. Will he force Aaron Hernandez to take on a new number or will Ochocinco change his name to OchoOcho?

(via ESPN)

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