Monday, August 22, 2011

What to Watch Tonight- American Ninja Warrior!

Bachelor Pad (ABC)- The "guys and gals face a synchronized-swimming challenge." Seriously ABC? This is what you are trying to pass as television?
American Ninja Warrior (NBC)- Wow! I didn't know this was on NBC. I love this show. This is the finale in Japan. I have been a huge fan of 'Sasuke' which is basically a four level obstacle course. There has been 26 of these now and every single one has been thrilling.
Project Runway (Lifetime Real Women)- I am a sucker for any reality competition. I am steadily becoming a big fan of this show. Tim Gunn is so fabulous!
HGTV'd (HGTV)- 'HGTV'd' teams up with Ellen Degeneres to make over a military family's home. Are they going to put jeans and a vest on it?
Netflix: Louie (TV Series)- I started watching this today as I promised I would do. Netflix is streaming season one currently, which is 13 episodes. I have caught the first 4 episodes and this is a great way to get invested.

(via TV Guide)

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