Thursday, August 18, 2011

What to Watch Tonight- You Choose. I Will Be Out.

Today has been a slow day with the exception of sports news. This will be the last post of the day because I will be in attendance of the Buccaneers and Patriots preseason game tonight. Without further ado, here is what to watch tonight.

Wipeout (ABC)- I cannot say this enough. If you have time to watch this tonight, do it. It is great television. This is why television is invented. Seriously, go look it up. (Don't. I lied to make a point.)

Big Brother (CBS)- Dani is the HOH and Adam won the Power of Veto. Brendon and Shelly are up for eviction and Dani's target is Brendon. Most would think Brendon is going home, but Shelly is starting to be exposed as a floater who tries to be in everyone's business. I am tired of her shenanigans and I would appreciate it if she was evicted. 

Conan the Barbarian (AMC)- In preparation for the new 'Conan the Barbarian' movie coming out this weekend, check out the original with Arnold Schwarzenegger tonight. Always a classic. 

Wilfred (FX)- I have promised to catch this show. It looks so promising, but I keep forgetting that it is on. 'Wilfred' is based on the Australian series of the same name and stars Jason Gann as the titular character, a dog (that Elijah Wood sees as an Australian man in a dog suit). 

Netflix: Rookie of the Year- Okay, I admit that this movie is not an award winner, but it is a childhood favorite. How could you not enjoy this movie? It stars that kid from American Pie (the one who dated Tara Reid in the movie) as a kid who breaks his arm and can suddenly can throw 90 mph. Also starring Gary Busey and Daniel Stern, this movie plays out every little boy's fantasy. What I failed to realize is that Daniel Stern (Marv from Home Alone) also directed this movie.

(via TV Guide)

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