Friday, September 9, 2011

Football Happened Last Night: The Packers are Good

In case you missed it, football happened last night. I didn't catch it because I have priorities (those being 'Big Brother' and 'Project Runway'), so I can't give you a play by play. I can, however, give you a simple rundown of what happened.

Last night was a shootout that ended in a goal-line stand. Saints running back, Mark Ingram, attempted to score from the one-yard line with no time left on the clock. Drew Brees is a Super Bowl winning, Pro Bowler who had thrown for over 400 yards last night and the Saints give the potential game winner to a rookie against one of the best defenses in the league. I don't understand that move, but I hope the Saints learn from it. 

Obviously if you are on my blog, you don't care too much about details. If you want the full story, turn on Sportscenter. I will leave you with this, the Packers will win their division. Also, I am going to see if I can pick up Randall Cobb in my fantasy league because he broke out last night with a touchdown and record tying, 108 yard kickoff return.

(via ESPN)

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