Monday, August 15, 2011

All is Right in the World: Glee 3D Edition

To my surprise (and my delight) 'Glee The 3D Concert Movie' missed the top 10 this weekend coming in 11th place with $5.7 million dollars. To reiterate how I feel; this movie is based on a FREE television show and they are trying to make you not only pay to see a lesser version of the show, but they tried to charge extra because it was filmed in 3D. America is finally realizing that 3D was a fad and they no longer want to wear glasses in a dark theater while paying 150% the cost of a ticket (mind you tickets already cost an arm and a leg). The producers of 'Glee' got greedy and now they have paid. America stood up for what is right this weekend and that is why today "All is Right in the World" (at least when it comes to subjects written about in my blog.

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