Monday, August 15, 2011

NCAA Investigating the "U"

According to ESPN, NCAA investigators are at the University of Miami looking into claims that former and current players received extra benefits. The benefits were allegedly given to the players by Ponzi schemer, Nevin Shapiro. 
His attorney, Maria Elena Perez, says Shapiro has told the NCAA he provided players with the use of a yacht and other favors.
According to me, this didn't seem to give the 'Canes much help in recent years. The photo above is from the Bulls victory over the 'Canes last year (I am #64). I can't fault the players too much. The NCAA doesn't provide enough money to get a student through the semester. I remember running out of money several weeks early and holding my breath until the next scholarship check came. If players were paid fairly, things like this would be less likely to happen (They still would happen, it's just that some people are greedy or ignorant of the rules).

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