Tuesday, August 16, 2011

and Thome makes 8

Jim Thome homered twice on Monday night to help the Twins beat the Tigers 9-6. Thome reached the fabled "600 Home Run Club" becoming the eighth player to do so. At 40 years old, Thome is 9 home runs away from reaching Sammy Sosa who is next on the list. Thome had struggled since August 4th to hit a home run.
"Hitting home runs can be very difficult," Thome said. "You sit in bed at night and you think about how's it going to be, how are you going to do this? It goes back to trying to slow yourself down and not being too antsy, too hyped up. It's just a great night." 
Thome is adamant about not using steroids. If this is true, which I am fully inclined to believe it is, Thome would be just the fifth player to reach 600 home runs without steroids. I promise this fact will be hyped up as you tune in to ESPN or read about it on sports blogs. I commend Thome for his accomplishment and I am impressed.  Below is a video of the home run. (I couldn't find an better quality video that was embeddable).

(via ESPN)

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