Monday, August 15, 2011

What to Watch Tonight- Kick-Ass DVR

I am straining to pick stuff to watch tonight. I think I will be going to my DVR tonight and catch up on some shows. There is football on tonight, but it is preseason and exciting for about the first ten minutes.

Millionaire Matchmaker (Bravo)- Season premiere. I have been caught watching this with the wife. I cannot stand Patti the "matchmaker." She is superficial and shallow, but she berates her clients for being the same way. She was in a relationship, but now she is newly single. How does this qualify her to be a good matchmaker?

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations (Travel)- Anthony Bourdain is always a entertaining guy. Check this out for an easy to follow program with a affable host.

Pawn Stars (History)- Always a good show. This mostly staged show is good for a few chuckles. The guys don't seem to be as bad this time around. When the show first started, they low-balled everybody. They would act like things weren't as valuable as they were, but now they are more upfront with making a profit.

Teen Wolf (MTV)- Season finale. That came and went. Apart from the trailer I vaguely remember airing a while back, there has been no buzz about this show. I would be surprised to see a second season, but then again MTV is notorious for giving crap a lifespan way longer than what it deserves.

Netflix: Kick-Ass- A solid antihero movie about a group of individuals who fight crime while posing as superheroes. This is one of the better Nic Cage movies of the past 15 years and he could learn from it. Cage's welcome as a Hollywood leading man is worn out. He has become a parody of himself. Cage can rejuvenate his career by sticking to these kind of roles.

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