Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Big East Thinking Realignment?

Big East commissioner John Marinatto has been in contact with both the commissioner of the Big 12 and the ACC in hopes of talking conference realignment. Not much has come from this so far, but it seems like Marinatto is taking a proactive step towards keeping the Big East stable as other conferences are hoping to poach teams. Marinatto knows that if the Texas A&M ends up in the SEC, the Big East would be in trouble of losing a team to the Big 12.
"We can and must be mindful everyone's best interests and be constructive and not destructive," Marinatto said. "But we all realize we are competitive and we have different constituencies to serve."
College football should just be four "mega" conferences. Four conferences of 16- 20 teams should make up the state of Division 1 football or FBS or whatever it is called now. This smaller division would allow a way to implement playoffs easier. Heck, you can make each playoff game a "bowl game," so that sponsors stay involved. I think I just solved college football!*

*The NCAA may contact me directly to pay me for such a brilliant plan.

(via ESPN)

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