Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What to Watch Tonight-I Love You Sons of Missouri

Big Brother (CBS)- I do not know what happened on Sunday night. I turned on my DVR and it was '20/20' instead of 'Big Brother.' I guess golf went too long. There needs to be a system to update a DVR when this happens. I hate when a network does this. Now I am thrown off for the week. I do know that Dani is the HOH this week and she nominated Shelly and recently returned Brendon.

Sons of Guns (Discovery)- The guys try to put a silencer on a grenade launcher. Why in the name would any civilian need that? Isn't there some organization that can restrict this kind of nonsense?

Man v. Food Nation (Travel)- A local from Dallas tries to eat 5 lbs of Vietnamese pho in 30 minutes. I had to look up what pho was. Turns out it is a type of soup. The 5 lbs seems less impressive. Maybe if the pho contained 5 lbs of rice and noodles. Also, how is Dallas known for its Vietnamese pho?

Truck Stop, Missouri (Travel)- This show is very obviously staged. I guess that really doesn't take away from the show. It is what you would expect of a truck stop show. I am a little confused as why the Travel Channel decided to label it 'Missouri' as if they plan on doing other versions.

Netflix: I Love You Phillip Morris- This is not a movie to watch around people like your mother (my sister tried this). It is a movie about love and discovery. Jim Carrey does a great job as family man turned gay man. Carrey then goes on to perform multiple scams, prison escapes, and love scenes. I do warn you to take heed of my warning if you are planning on watching this with someone more conservative, it is decently graphic in a sexual sense.

(via TV Guide)

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