Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Colts Sign Collins- Peyton Manning May Not Be Ready

To the disappointment to my fantasy football team and Colt's fans everywhere, the Indianapolis Colts have signed veteran quarterback, Kerry Collins. Collins had originally retired, but signed with the starting position seemingly on lock for the season opener. Apparently not everyone is happy with this decision:
"We don't even know him, we ain't vanilla, man, we ain't no simple offense," receiver Reggie Wayne said. "So for him to can come in here and be the starter, I don't see it. I think that's a step back."
Man this is a bummer. Peyton was my franchise player for my fantasy league and now he may not play the first few games. Peyton has a starting streak of 208, every game he has been able to start. The Colts offense is centered around Peyton and he runs the show. I wonder if the Colts will water it down for Collins?

(via ESPN)

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