Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sports News of the Day- Moss Retires

Randy Moss has decided to call it quits, but something tells me (and pretty much anyone with a brain) that he will be back. It is just a matter of time or money before Moss decides to call retirement quits and head back to football.

Randy Moss has been a favorite of fantasy football players and Madden gamers for years, but his antics have plagued every team he has ever been with. He was being a superstar diva before it was mainstream. His whole gig of being "more important than the team" is tried and true and some NFL team will realize this when they have a thin receiving core.

Moss will go where the money is. He is young enough to still bring in a hefty pay day, but old enough to not be locked in for years. Who knows? Maybe your favorite NFL team will be lucky enough to pick up Moss from his retirement with Brett Favre.

(via ESPN)

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