Thursday, August 25, 2011

What to Watch Tonight- I Am Moving so...Your Choice

I am moving this weekend, so I have been packing all day and taking care of things at the new place. Therefore, I have not posted today. I will be finishing up packing for the rest of the night, so go ahead and pick what you want. Here are a few suggestions.

Wipeout (ABC)- This will be on in the background as I pack, but it will probably distract me.

Big Brother (CBS)- This is the only show I will probably watch tonight. Jeff back-doored Dani last night at the POV ceremony, so she is most likely going home. Tonight is a double elimination night, so two people are going home in this one-hour episode.

Louie (FX)- Louie heads to Afghanistan in this one hour episode tonight. I do not know much more about this, but I will catch up with this season when it comes on Netflix.

Project Runway (Lifetime)- The designers have to run one lap around a track, but apparently someone goes down. I don't see how one lap can take somebody down. Also, why are they running on a track? Is this a 'Biggest Loser' crossover?

Netflix: Stripes- This classic comedy stars Bill Murray as a slacker turned Army recruit. Directed by Ivan Reitman and also starring Harold Ramis go ahead and watch this movie again. If you haven't seen this, then you need to put it in your instant queue.

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