Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What to Watch Tonight- Big Brother's Puffy Taco

Sorry about the lack of posts today and the timing of them. I am in the process of moving and today was a big day for packing. The summer season is winding down and the fall season is still a few weeks away, so we are in a purgatory of television programming. I will try my hardest to find quality shows for the next few weeks of "What to Watch Tonight," but I can't promise anything. On to the shows.

Big Brother (CBS)- Jeff is the head of household and he has nominated Porsche and Kalia for eviction. Tonight is the POV competition. If you have been following this blog you know I will be watching tonight.

Buried Treasure (FOX)- Series premiere. Former 'Antiques Roadshow' experts Leigh and Leslie Keno (both guys by the way) search through peoples junk in hopes of finding valuables. I made mention of a picking show yesterday and now this? Fox is trying to cash in on the recent success of junk=money shows like 'American Pickers', 'Picker Sisters', 'Storage Wars', 'Pawn Stars', and several other shows on basic cable. I am interested to see if this will catch on to a major broadcast network.

Man v. Food Nation (Travel)- Adam Richman "coaches a retired Navy officer who's trying eat 23 puffy tacos in 90 minutes." What is a puffy taco? It sounds like a sexual innuendo.

Top Chef: Just Desserts (Bravo)- Season premiere. I love 'Top Chef' and I was really jonesing for it this week, but 'Just Desserts' can't satisfy my cooking competition needs. There is no Tom Colicchio, so I just can't do it.

Netflix: The Extra Man- This was a recommendation by my father, but I haven't seen it. He tells me that Kevin Kline puts in some fine acting because he is an "actour." I will check it out soon, but if you do first, post a review under the comments. Also starring Katie Holmes and John C. Reilly

(via TV Guide)

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