Friday, September 2, 2011

8 Miami Players Suspended

12 current Miami football players will pay restitution for improper benefits they received from booster Nevin Shapiro. Of those 12 players 8 will be suspended. Defensive lineman Oliver Vernon will sit out six games and is the only one to miss more than one conference game. Safety Ray Ray Armstrong and tight end Dyron Dye will miss four games. The rest of the 8 will sit out one game. What a team for former Temple coach, Al Golden, to take on. 
"I think it was probably fair," Miami coach Al Golden told The Associated Press on Tuesday night. "Clearly, whatever transpired, it wasn't as over-the-top as everybody was initially reporting and all of those things. The NCAA and the university felt there was mistakes made ... and I've accepted that. And now we're moving forward."
The players who weren't suspended will have to pay back the benefits they received, which do not total over $100. The suspended players will also pay back the benefits they received with Vernon having the largest bill at more than $1,200.

This is a complete joke of a suspension. The players at Ohio State received five game suspension for receiving tattoos, but Miami players get a slap on the wrist in comparison. There is no way that the top amount of benefits received equals $1,200. This list of benefits was supposed to include athletic equipment, nightclub charges, and entertainment at a gentleman's club. I promise you $1,200 doesn't even come close to the amount of benefits these players received.

In other Miami news, karma has struck. Wait. What is the opposite of karma because Miami has just received a $4.2 million donation for scholarship from a booster who endowed it to Miami in her will. She passed in 1982. What timing for the "U". Okay, I will stop my rant about Miami, but you can message me if you want to hear more.

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